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Article © MAIL User: tipo mastr

Before anything else, I would like to give credit to Criterion for discovering this weave. With that out of the way... keep in mind that this weave is made in 16 gauge 5/16" rings for the big rings, and 18 gauge 3/16" for the small rings. It is done in stainless steel, so springback may apply. Here goes! (Authors(late)note: After making this tutorial, I realized that the chains you are making and connecting are actually strips of Helm Chain. Conundrum is merely a way of connecting Helm Chain.)

Step 1:
Put 4 closed big rings on 2 open small rings, and close the small open rings. Lay it out like this:

Image: stepp1.jpg

Step 2:
Now, put a large open ring in between the 2 open big rings on each side, and around the 2 small rings.

Image: stepp2.jpg

Step 3:
Attach 2 small rings to the 2 rightmost big rings. Attach 2 big rings to those small rings.

Image: stepp3.jpg

Step 4:
As with Step 2, put an open big ring in between the two big rings on each side of the small rings, and around the small. After this, extend it to however long you want the weave to be by repeating Steps 3-4. Here, to save time and rings, this is how long it will be.

Image: stepp4.jpg

Step 5:
To finish the chain, first add two small rings. Do NOT add two big rings to them...

Image: stepp5.jpg

Step 6:
Put a big ring in between the two left big rings, and around the small rings. make two of these strands, but on the second one, swivel it 180 degrees. put it under the first strand. See the picture if you don't understand. Don't mind the color. It's for the next step.

Image: stepp6.jpg

Step 7:
Now, see the picture ABOVE? Connect that red space and the blue space with a small ring. Again, the colors are for the next step.

Image: stepp7.jpg

Step 8:
Again, see the picture ABOVE? Connect the blue area with the red area with a small ring.

Image: stepp8.jpg

Step 9:
Repeat until the two chains are merged. have the small rings that are connecting the chains go in a zig-zag pattern.(sorry, no pic, long story)

You're done! If you want to expand it left to right, just continue each individual chain and connect them as in Step 7-9. To expand it up and down, make another chain and connect it to the sheet. Here's a picture of our sheet and another, larger sheet.

Image: stepp10.jpg

Have fun!!
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