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Half Persian 3 in 1 - Pictures
Article © MAIL User: tipo mastr

Half Persian 3 in 1 - left leaning.

This weave is the most basic Persian weaves. Please note that there are two sides to this weave, and when you want to expand it, you must be on the side you worked with on the tutorial. you should be looking down into a V. Here we are...

Step 1:
Close three rings. Put them on an open ring, lay the closed rings on the bottom, and lean them all to the right, like this.
Image: pict1.jpg.jpg

Step 2:
Fold the right most ring to the left. It should make it look EXACTLY like this. if not, you should figure out what you did wrong and correct your mistake.
Image: pict2.jpg.jpg

Step 3:
Pass an open ring up through the two most right rings. leave it open. put a closed ring on the open ring. put the closed ring under the formerly right-most ring from step 2.
Image: pict3.jpg.jpg

Step 4:
repeat step 3. pass the open ring up through the two right-most rings, and add a closed ring. put the closed ring under the formerly right-most ring from the last step.
Image: pict4.jpg.jpg

You're done! repeat step 4 to lengthen the chain.
Here are pictures of the two sides:

Image: pict5.jpg.jpg

This is the side shown in the tutorial.

Image: pict6.jpg.jpg
This is side 1 flipped.

have a good time with this weave!
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