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Simple Clasp
Article © MAIL User: Nearoth

This is a fairly simple clasp that works well for bracelets and necklaces alike.

The hook

We start by bending a piece of metal of about 15cm (6") together.
Image: 028_1.jpg

Then, using two flat-nose pliers, push the two ends closer together.
Image: 028_2.jpg
If you're having trouble doing this because the wire twists look at this picture from the article Clasp for a Euro Pattern.

Then using one of the flat-nose pliers, bend the top back onto itself.
Image: 028_3.jpg Image: 028_3a.jpg

Now use a needle-nose (or a rod) to create a curve like this.
Image: 028_4.jpg

And another curve the other way.
Image: 028_5.jpg

Just cut away the excess metal and close it nicely, and the hook is done.
Image: 028_6.jpg

The loop

Take a piece of metal and using needle-nose pliers or a rod, make an eight.
Image: 028_7.jpg

Cut away the extra wire and the loop is done.
Image: 028_8.jpg
Again if you're having trouble doing this look at the Clasp for a Euro Pattern article.

Now you can adjust the big curve in the hook to allow the loop to enter but not too loose to let it slip out to easy.
Image: 028_9.jpg

Final thoughts

You can make the ring size for the loop the same as the rings size of the pattern. This way you can put it in the pattern without being too obvious.
Image: 022_1a.jpg

I found this article on a site somewhere. I hope I haven't offended anyone by posting this, it wasn't my intent. If you are please let me know.

Also if you have any other tips, comments or questions you can PM me. Also if you'd like to see a more detailed explanation then just contact me.

Happy mailing, Nearoth.
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