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Clasp for a Euro Pattern
Article © MAIL User: Nearoth

I found a fairly easy way, but most of all a good way, to make a clasp for a euro 6 in 1 strip, although I found out you can use it for other euro patterns as well (like my euro 8-1 belt which can be found in the gallery).

The 8 and the glasses

You start by making this piece.
Image: 027_1.jpg Normally the last rings in a euro pattern (especially the corner rings) will turn and "disturb" the pattern. This piece will prevent that from happening and provide a more solid piece for the hooks.
Make the bends (in all the bends we'll be making) by using the rod on which you wound the rings for the pattern. I also use needle-nose pliers.

Cut the extra wire away
Image: 027_1a.jpg The blue line indicates the wire to be cut and the red indicates the place of the cut. Place the cut as close to the wire, indicated with green, as possible.

You should get something like this.
Image: 027_2.jpg

Now put the two pieces together like this.
Image: 027_3.jpg First part completed!

The hooks

You can vary the length and size of this next piece depending on how long you want the hooks (I tend to make them to short).
Image: 027_4.jpg If you lengthen the two upper curves the hooks will be bigger.

Now we're going to close the piece to make this.
Image: 027_5.jpg Image: 027_4b.jpg
Push the two sides (indicated with the red arrow) together, but keep the bend at the top (indicated blue) intact, or the hooks will vary in size. (You can use the rod or your needle-nose pliers for this)

Now cut away the extra wire.
Image: 027_5a.jpg Again the blue line indicates the wire to be cut and the red indicates the place of the cut. Place the cut as close to the wire, indicated with green, as possible.
Next we're going to make the hooks (finally!!).

We're going to push the sides indicated by the red arrows together. To do this we need two flat-nose pliers.
Image: 027_5b.jpg Place the plier from your off-hand over the loop (red) then carefully squeeze the loop to close it with your other plier (Blue).

You should get something like this.
Image: 027_6.jpg

Now we make the hooks. Using flat-nose, needle-nose or chain-nose pliers bend the flattened loops back.
Image: 027_6a.jpg Image: 027_7.jpg You should get something like this.

And you're done.
Image: 027_8.jpg All you have to do is put it in the weave and you've got a strong finding that fits into the pattern perfectly.

The end

Wider paterns

This hook is made for a pattern of 5 rings wide (3 lying one way, 2 the other) But with some creative thinking you can come up with ways to make it useful for other wider patterns; here are some tips.
- You can make a larger 8 this way.
Image: 028_2a.jpg (although the smashing of the hammer didn't do the shape much good)
- If you repeat the middle part you can make more than 2 hooks or less.
Image: 027_4a.jpg

Final thoughts

If you're having trouble winding, I'll add pics later of me actually making it but since I only have 2 hands at the moment I can't make the photo's. I'll also try to make short movies. But for the moment I hope this info will be enough.

I found this on a site somewhere, but I can't remember where. I made new pictures since I spent quite some time puzzling them out because they were unclear (to me).

If anyone has any more tips or comments you can PM me.

Happy mailing, Nearoth
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