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Hackysacks; Reliable
(One Ring Size)
Article © MAIL User: Tesserex

Materials: 280 1/4 inch rings and a 7x7 inch square of a cloth rag folded four times.
Time: 1-2 hours.

I based this article on the second hackysack I made. It took many hours because of constant changes, but I am happy with the result. Pictures are newly added, thanks to Kithplana!

1. Close 8 rings and connect them with one other, so you have an octlet. These 8 rings are the first row.

Image: hack1.jpg

2. Decide on a directional lean of the rings, clockwise or counterclockwise. Add a second single row.

Image: hack2.jpg

3. Add expansion rings for every ring in the first row, so the second row alternates between expansion and regular rings. Row two should have 16 rings.

Image: hack3.jpg

4. Add a third row. Add four expansions, one for every fourth ring in the second row (16 outer rings / 4 = 4 expansions), so the third row has an expansion ring and then four regular rings. Stagger the expansion rings so that they do not connect to expansion rings in the second row. Row three should have 20 rings.

Image: hack4.jpg

5. Add a fourth row. No expansions here. Still 20 rings.

Image: hack5.jpg

6. Add a fifth row. Add five expansions, one every four, like in the third row. They evenly distribute because 20 outer rings / 4 per expansion = 5 expansions. Stagger them 2 rings away from the expansions in row three.

Image: hack6.jpg

7. Add a sixth row. No expansions.

Image: hack7.jpg

8. Make an identical piece to this one, making sure it has the same first row lean. Add a seventh row to the outside with no expansions.

Image: hack8.jpg

9. Begin to sew up the sides of the circles. When it is about half closed, insert your folded cloth, and then finish sewing.

Image: hack9.jpg


Image: hack10.jpg

Thanks again to Kithplana for the pictures.
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