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Making Twisted Wire
Article © MAIL User: hockywierdo55

Making Twisted Wire
By: Alex Poska (aka Hockywierdo55)
Ok there has been a great demand for an article like this so here you go. Fist you Need:
Hand Drill
Length of Wire
Pliers with Flat Jaws
Cup Hooks
(NOTE: The Wire used in this article has already been twisted and it is being twisted again)

Step 1:
Put the Hand Drill in the Vice with the crank on top. Loosen the Hand Drill’s shank, insert the Cup hook into it and tighten. It should look like this:
Image: twistedwire_001.jpg
Image: twistedwire_002.jpg

Step 2:
Taking a strip of wire, bend it in half and place the half-way point in the Cup Hook as pictured:
Image: twistedwire_004.jpg

Step 3:
Hold the ends of the wire in the Pliers. Make sure the ends come even with each other and you have a firm grip and are slightly pulling.
Image: twistedwire_006.jpg

Step 4:
Turn the crank on the Hand Drill until the wire snaps at the Cup Hook.
Image: twistedwire_007.jpg

Image: twistedwire_003.jpg
Now you are left with your piece of twisted wire!! Yay you have done it!
Now I personally suggest if you want twisted wire that is about 20ga. you twist 26ga. Wire. Be creative and let’s see some projects made with twisted wire!!

(All pictures taken by Alex Poska and text written by him)

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