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Article © MAIL User: Quizad Saderack

This article will try to explain how to include a contraction or expansion in Elfsheet. Rings used are 16 ga 5/16" galvy.

First, let's take a look at it, with all the pretty colors.

Image: elfsheetexpansionsmall.jpg

Now for explanations.

The green ring is the key ring. It's a normal connection between the two Elfweave chains, but with an ID of 3/8", instead, for added room.

Next on the importance list: the yellow rings. Those are the beginning of a totally new strand using the green ring and the two lowest connector rings from the side chains. Make a little length of Elfweave down the middle. Now, with the red rings, connect the new strand to the two side ones. The connection spots will be offset, so just make sure you grab the middle chain a little lower than your side chains, so it will all even out in length.

Now you have three strands of elfsheet where you had only two before. The opposite can be done, for a contraction: stop the middle chain for two units, hook the two side-chains with a larger rings, hook up the key ring with connector rings and weave your now two-stranded elfsheet.

I hope this all makes sense to you!

Quizad Saderack
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