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Tetra Orb
Article © MAIL User: The Mad Mailler

Making a Tetra Orb is fairly simple. A good link size is 14swg 7/16". Find that AR and you're good to go to find whatever link size you want. I used 12swg 1/2" spring steel here (was all i had). It's a bit too small, but it works.

  1. First, make a simple orbital.
  2. Image: tetra1.jpg
  3. Now, add a second orbital, like so:
  4. Image: tetra2.jpg
  5. And then add a third:
  6. Image: tetra3.jpg
  7. Now add 3 rings on the orbitals, like so:
  8. Image: tetra4.jpg
    and a side view:
    Image: tetra5.jpg
  9. Looking at it from a side view, put an orbital on where 2 of the newly attached rings touch.
  10. Image: tetra6.jpg
  11. Repeat with another set of touching rings:
  12. Image: tetra7.jpg
  13. And repeat one last time, as shown with the galvy rings:
  14. Image: tetra8.jpg

and that's about it. Enjoy making your Tetra Orbs!

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