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Square-Top Headdress
Article © MAIL User: foreigner

Square-Top Headdress
Written for Maille Artisans International League

This pattern is my own, in the fact that I did not see any pictures or patterns for it. If it is already out there, I apologize to its inventor for not giving them credit.

This is a very general pattern, as virtually any weaves can be used. This allows for more freedom of design and personalization; each headdress that you make can be unique. I encourage you to experiment with different weaves for a combination that you like; or, if you are making it for someone else, you may decide to let them choose.


For this particular model, I used aluminum rings with ID1/4” and a thickness of .045”. The amount will vary depending on the weaves and size of the piece.


1. Make a square of maille using any particular weave you like. I personally do not recommend using the e4-1 weave. It is better to use denser weaves, as hair does not get caught as easily. For this model, I have used the e6-1 weave. The size of the square theoretically depends on the size of the wearer’s head, but the typical measurements for an adult-sized headdress are 7” x 7”, and for a child-sized headdress 5.5 - 6” x 5.5 - 6”. If you’re having trouble with measurements, there is a picture at the end of this article that shows approximately where the headdress should rest on the average adult (in relationship to hairline, etc.)

Image: fmsquare.jpg

2. Make three identical chains of desired weave and length. For this model, I have used three-ring flower chain. Attach two of them to the corners of two adjacent sides of the maille square. These chains will hang down the back of the head, on top of the hair. The free point of the square will hang over the “widow’s-peak” region of the forehead.

Image: fmtwochains.jpg

A good rule to use when determining length is that if the hair is below the shoulders, stop the chain at the shoulders. If the hair is above the shoulders, stop the chain about one inch from the end of the hair. This can be adjusted, however, to taste.

3. Attach the third chain to the approximate middles of the two sides with chains. This chain should lay over the other two.

Image: fmthreechains.jpg

Voila! You now have a standard maille headdress. This is how it should look if properly fitted to the head:

Image: fmmodelfront.jpg Image: fmmodelside.jpg Image: fmmodelback.jpg

If you have any questions or feedback, email me:
I hope you find this useful.
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