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American Flag
(1395 total rings)
Article © MAIL User: Big Vs Armory

This is an inlay in the European 4 in 1 weave; the grid is equivalent to 16ga 1/4” ring at half stretch. The three colors needed are red, white, and blue. Stainless steel or bright aluminum or anything shiny and silvery could be used for the white, and anodized aluminum in the appropriate colors will work for the red and blue. The inlay is 45 columns wide by 31 columns tall (rows and columns being defined as a single line of rings). You will need a total of 1,395 rings to complete this inlay. 390 blue rings are needed for the field behind the stars, 500 red rings for the stripes, and 505 white rings for the white stripes and the stars.

Image: usaflaginlay.gif
Inlay made with Zlosk’s IGP (Irregular Grid Painter).

Any questions or comments? Contact me either by pm, or email

Have fun making inlays!

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