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Byzantine Variant 2 and Byzantine X
Article © MAIL User: Dark Dragon

To make the Byzantine Variant 2 and Byzantine X weaves you will need at least two or three different ring sizes. In this guide I used three, 3/8”(gray), 1/4”(red), and 3/16”(blue) rings all in 18swg.

The first step is to make several units of rings consisting of one 3/8” ring and four 3/16” rings.
Image: birdcage1.jpg
The next step is to connect these units into a chain. To do this use two 1/4” rings. They both have to go through four of the 3/16” rings and sandwich the 3/8” rings in between. Make sure that the 1/4” rings go through the 3/16” rings the right way. It should look like this.
Image: birdcage2.jpg
Here’s another view showing how it should look.
Image: birdcage2b.jpg
Now continue adding units of rings…
Image: birdcage3.jpg
until you get to the length you want.
Image: birdcage3b.jpg
This step is not hard to do but is kind of hard to explain. You have to use 3/16” rings to go through two of the 3/16” rings and a 3/8” ring at the same time. The new rings will have to be slanted to go through all the rings. This picture should help a little.
Image: birdcage4.jpg
Here’s a better view showing how the rings go together. Note that the ring on the other side is slanted the other way.
Image: birdcage4b.jpg
Now continue adding 3/16” rings all along the sides until you’re done and that’s it for Byzantine Variant 2.
Image: birdcage5.jpg
To make Byzantine X take your strip of Byzantine Variant 2 and add a vertical 1/4” ring inside a 3/8” ring and connecting the two slanted 3/16” rings so it looks like this.
Image: birdcage6.jpg
Then add 1/4" rings inside all the 3/8” rings and you’re done with Byzantine X.
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