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Score and Break Method
(end-cutting pliers)
Article © MAIL User: justus1199

I've used this simple score and break method for many years, and aside from cutting the links with a saw, I feel that this method is the easiest, quickest, and offers the best results you can get with hand-cutting.
This technique requires end-cutting pliers, or dykes. By the way, it is 5 times easier to cut wire with end-cutting pliers than with side-cutting or diagonal-cutting pliers.

1. Score the near side of the spring very lightly. Experiment here, but you will be amazed at how little scoring it takes to make a clean cut.

Image: step1.jpg

2. Grab the opposite side of the spring (again very lightly so you don't mar the wire)

Image: step2.jpg

3. Rotate the link toward you. If the ring doesn't pop right off try scoring a little deeper.

Image: step3.jpg

That's it. I can cut 200 links in about 10 minutes this way, and the ends are all flush.
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