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Finger Ring Construction
(European 4 in 1)
Article © MAIL User: hockywierdo55

Making a FingerRing Out of European 4in1 By: Alex Poska (AKA: Hockywierdo55)

Welcome to my tutorial on how to make a finger ring out of European 4 in 1. Remember making chainmaille is a dangerous activity so take the necessary safety precautions when knitting and/or making rings. For this article I will be using galvanized and copper rings in an alternating pattern of fivelets.

Step 1:
Make sure you have the necessary tools to knit the ring-
~2 Pliers
~A supply of 3/16” 16SWG rings. Any metal. (equivalent to about 5mm ID).
~Knowledge of the weave European 4 in 1
~A file: to smooth the rings if needed so your finger doesn’t get scratched!

Image: fingerring001.jpg

Step 2:
Make two fivelets as like the one shown below. Fivelets may also be know as butterflies in case you don’t understand my lingo. Then connect them.

Image: fingerring002.jpg

After you have connected the first two keep connecting fivelets until they reach around the desired finger that you will wear the ring on. The connection will be a bit tight as you connect the fivelets but don’t let that get you down, persevere. For this reason I recommend that your wire is not too hard or else you’ll be very discouraged from finishing. It should look something like this below.

Image: fingerring003.jpg

Step 4:
The final step! Connect the ends of the fivelet chain and you should have something that looks like the example below.

Image: fingerring004.jpg

Now you can go back and try different patterns like stripes. This can also be altered to be used with different ring sizes. A difficulty I ran into when making my first finger ring was the roughness of the rings. If you don’t use a saw of some sort to cut your rings the edges can be rough and scratch your finger up quite nicely. This is why in the first step I recommend you have a file to file the edges of the rings before you knit them. This maybe time consuming but it helps cut down on the scratchiness of taking the ring on and off and the scratchiness of just wearing it in general.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on making a finger ring and remember keep the art alive and stay creative don’t limit yourself to what I put down in my article!!

~ALEX (my pics don’t steal them)
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