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Japanese Maille Uses
Article © MAIL User: Jengajuice

Well here goes, I know that the Japanese Weaves were made simple, mainly for these reasons,

1. The Japanese never really used maille for armor, they used it to hold their armor together at the parts where their samurai armor was not connected together.

2. The Japanese never used maille for armor quality, they used it to cover their body in parts where their samurai armor was not present such as joints or small openings.

3. The simpler the weaves, the easier it was to make, and it left room for the armorers to sew the samurai armor to the maille.

The Japanese never really needed the chain for armor, they had their own style of armor which was closely related to scale, but instead of using chain to attach the "scales" together, they sewed them with tiny leather, or strong cording.

Lastly, maille in Japan was alike to European armor in one aspect, the plate maille was also underlined with maille at joints and such, beyond that, the only other common thing is that the maille was made from rings just the same, if not better in quality of European armor.

If you have any other things you want me to know, let me know, I think that's about it,

(any source information...? -- Ed.)
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