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Article © MAIL User: Quizad Saderack

Tutorial for Elfsheet

Written for Maille Artisans International League

The rings used to create this tutorial are 14 ga 5/16 ID in bright aluminum. AR would be around 3.9 (pre-springback). The sheet in this AR is tight and lacks flexibility. All connecting rings are colored, green for one side, red for the other. Was I in a Xmas mood? No one will ever know...


To begin with, one will need two chains of Elfweave. There are a few tutorials in the article section to help you through these steps. The two chains should be laying side by side, symmetrically.
Image: elfsheet1.jpg

Step 2

Now, the thinking part. What you want to do is create a third Elfweave with the slanted rings of the existing chains. Sounds complicated? It's really not. All that is left to do is add horizontal rings through the vertical crossings. The connecting rings should be flowing in the opposite direction. I think a picture would help.

Image: elfsheetflow.jpg

So now we're ready to put in our first connecting ring.

Image: elfsheet2.jpg


To quote Criterion: "Lather, rinse and repeat" all along the two chains.

Image: elfsheet3.jpg

Step 4

Now flip the sheet over and do as on the other side. It will be quite evident that the connecting rings are horizontal, now.

Image: elfsheet4.jpg

Step 5

Now wash that hair again; keep connecting rings right down the middle. Beware, it can become really crowded at this point and slip-and-jab injuries might become an issue.

Image: elfsheet5.jpg

Voila! Elfsheet done.

Image: elfsheet.jpg

I'd like to thank Nadrendion for letting me post this article. I'd also like to thank Darken for nudging me toward the comprehension of Elfsheet. Vaguely, but effectively.

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