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Jens Pind Linkage 3
Article © MAIL User: Criterion

written for Maille Artisans International League

Image: jpfullfront.gif

For the purposes of this tutorial, rings that are linked through will be shown as white, new rings being added will be shown as orange, and rings already processed will be shown as silver. The optimum AR for this weave is in the vicinity of AR of 3, I like to go a bit tighter, down to AR of 2.85.

Step 1
Start by connecting 3 rings, interlinked within each other as in a Mobius Ball.
Image: jp01.gif

Step 2
Place a new ring into 2 of the previous rings as shown, noting that it is of similar orientation as the ring it is not linked into. Pay attention also, to the side on which the new link passes by the unlinked ring. This will start the stairstep effect.
Image: jp02.gif

Step 3
Add a new ring, going through the ring added previously, and 1 ring of the original mobius as shown. Notice that the orientation of this ring is similar to the ring it is not linking, the 3rd ring back from the current ring.
Image: jp03.gif

Step 4
Add a new ring, going through the last 2 rings. Noting again it has a similar orientation to the 3rd ring back that it is not linked into.
Image: jp04.gif

Step 5
Continue linking rings this way, each new ring goes through the 2 rings previously added, at the same orientation as the ring directly before those 2.
Image: jp05.gif

Step 6
Lather, rinse, repeat.
Image: jpani.gif
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