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Black Steel
(via Perma Blue)
Article © MAIL User: jazzman

I have talked to some people that I know and they say they put gun metal bluer on their guns to give them an added shine.

I wanted to know what the gun metal bluer would do to steel wire. So I bought a bottle of Perma Blue. It's about $3 for 1/2 a cup. I dumped the Perma Blue into a cup and dipped one of my bracelets in it. The longer I kept it in the solution, the blacker it got. It only took about 30 seconds for the wire to turn black. I took it out and let it dry for several hours. After it dried completely I picked it up and most of the black that was on the bracelet rubbed off in my hand.

I took a towel and scrubbed the bracelet until it didn't rub off any more. Now it was a dull gray. So I dipped it in the solution for a bit, rubbed it dry with a cloth, and it was a little blacker. The more I did this the blacker it got.

I finally got the wire as black as I thought I could get it. After I polished it dry and really looked at it, the bracelet kind of looked like a black onyx rock. It look very cool.

Image: jddhpblacknwhite.jpg
The black rings are what I have dipped in the Perma Blue. I used this bracelet to show the diffrence between the black and regular steel rings.

I suggest after you get your steel to whatever shade of black you want, dip it in some kind of sealer so the gun metal bluer doesn't slowly get scratched/rubbed off.

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