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(Japanese 6 in 1 Variant)
Article © MAIL User: FrostMage

This weave is a variant of Japanese 6 in 1. I have named it Origami because you have to fold a chain of Japanese 6 in 1 over itself to make it. It’s actually not a hard weave to make and it looks great. Although it is similar in design to Celtic Visions, there are several key differences that make it unique.

The purple rings are the ones that are folded. The Green rings are the rings to be added. The orange rings are the rings that the new ring passes through. The white rings are the rings already added to the chain.

First, make a section of Japanese 6-1 chain. (There are some great tutorials on this site if you don’t know how to make it.)

Image: ggjap6in1.jpg

Fold the chain in half.

Image: ggjapfold.jpg

It should look like this when laid flat.

Image: ggorigaminone.jpg

Add a connector ring to the chain as illustrated below.

Image: ggorigamione.jpg

Add another.

Image: ggorigamitwo.jpg

Keep adding rings until you’ve completely connected the chain.

Image: ggorigamieight.jpg

And now it’s complete. It should look like this laid flat.

Image: ggorigamidone.jpg

It should look like this crosswise.

Image: ggorigamidone2.jpg

Here’s what it looks like in real life.

Image: ggorigamireal1.jpg
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