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Constructing Marble Captive Inverted Round
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

The basic concept of this weave application is simple enough. Make an Inverted Round chain and stick something interesting inside, in this case, marbles. For this example I am using two ring sizes, 1/2 inch ID 17 gauge and 1/4 inch ID 17 gauge. The marbles are "standard size", meaning they are the size you get 90% of the time you buy large quantities of homogenous marbles from craft, hardware, hobby or pet stores.

These pictures detail one way you can make this weave. The details are determined mostly by the size of the marbles, so if you use a different size or material you will need to modify this design.

1) To begin, make some Inverted Round chain using the larger rings. For our purposes, it need only be three cells tall. (i.e. a length of IR built with 9 rings). It can be hard at this stage to hold the length of chain so that it maintains its hollow shape. (if you can get help, try building the first unit around someone's finger.) Once you have your IR chain you should close off one end. This can be done by attaching all the large rings on one end of the IR chain to a couple of the smaller rings. Once you have one end closed up you can drop in the marbles. For these sizes, you should use two marbles for every three cells of IR.

Here is the finished first unit of the chain.

Image: mcir1.jpg

2) From this point on we will add to the IR chain one cell at a time. (Remember, a cell is all three rings at a given level of the chain.) The next cell should be made with the smaller rings. (This is done to close off the first unit at the top.) After that, add three more cells made with the large rings.

Image: mcir2.jpg

3) Now we are back at the end of step one. Put two marbles in the three large cells from step two.

Image: mcir3.jpg

4) Just continue to alternate, three large cells, one small.

Image: mcir4.jpg

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