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Spiral 6 in 1
Article © MAIL User: starwriter34

This one confused me in the beginning, couldn't figure it out from the pictures.. So I asked Blaise.. Thanks Blaise for helping me with this one.. :) Gold rings are the previous step, Silver is the current step. 18ga (.048") 1/4ID is a little tight for Spiral 6 in 1 but it works.. I would guess that you should start off with something like 3/8" or 5/16" ID 16ga (.064"). The renderings use an AR of 7.5.

Step 1: Create a 4-ring Mobius Ball like the image below.

Image: spiral6in1-step1.jpg

Step 2: Now instead of passing through only the last 2 rings go through the last 3 as seen in the picture below, with the silver ring.

Image: spiral6in1-step2.jpg

Continuing the chain, pass through the last three rings till you get to the length you want.

Image: spiral6in1-step3.jpg

Completed Chain with the silver ring showing you the number of rings inside it.

Image: spiral6in1-step4.jpg

If you need further help with this weave please feel free to email me at

I hope this helps you to figure out this weave. It's very simple, but also a pain in the tail-end to get started..


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