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Polishing Stainless the First Time
Article © MAIL User: Tesserex

My stainless wire came with a dull grey matte finish. I was disappointed. I was expecting it to look like our silverware. Well, after a lot of complaining on the board, I found my answer. I have to give the true credit to Cynake, he gave me this idea and it works wonders.

After cutting your rings, put them in a sealable container such as a large soda bottle. He said to open them first so they don't get tangled into a mess, but I found that open rings are in fact much worse at tangling, so I leave them freshly cut. Fill the bottle with about the same volume of vinegar as rings. This doesn't mean fill the bottle as high as the pile of rings in it. Maybe halfway. The more rings in the bottle the better, as this is a chemical and physical polishing.

Seal the bottle, and shake vigorously for half an hour or so. Make sure the rings bash each other well. You will notice the vinegar starting to get greenish grey and little flakes of steel floating around. You should be able to see the rings looking better now. When you're satisfied, drain the vinegar and rinse the rings well with lots of water. You don't want a vinegar stink on your piece. Trust me, if you don't rinse, it will last until you do. Now dry the rings, and weave!
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