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European 5 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Tesserex

European 5 in 1 (2)

To make this weave, you may have to alter your mindset about European weaves. Don't think this time of a whole row being 4-1 or 6-1. This time, think of the relationships between the rows as 2-1 or 3-1. For this weave, these relationships alternate every row.

1. Start by adding 5 closed rings to an open one and lay them as shown.
Image: 5-11.jpg

2. Now weave an open ring through two rings on top and one on the bottom. Add two closed rings. Lay as shown.
Image: 5-12.jpg

3. Continue this until you have a 5-1 strip.
Image: 5-13.jpg

4. Now to make a sheet. Because we are thinking about relationships here, we realize that they are communative. Thus, any row that is 3-1 with another row, that other row is 3-1 with it. The only way to change this is by skipping rings on one row. But we aren't. Weave an open ring through two on the top row of your strip and add three. The top row has a 3-1 relationship with the one below it, so we want 2-1 with the one above it.
Image: 5-14.jpg

5. Put an open ring through two on each side and add a closed ring to the top.
Image: 5-15.jpg

6. Continue step 5 to form a sheet.
Image: 5-16.jpg
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