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Article © MAIL User: Tesserex


This weave is not as complicated or difficult to construct as it may seem. It took me over an hour to get the first 6 rings in place, and ten minutes to get the next 20. Once you know the trick, it's a snap.

First notice that I used photos this time instead of renders. Why? Well I got tired of trying to make the rendered rings line up right, and there was a whole pile of rings and a digital cam sitting right next to me. Must have been a sign.

1. Start by putting 2 closed rings on a third and laying them like this. Sorry about the quality, this is the only bad pic. The alignment will change slightly after you add more rings.
Image: gsg1.jpg

2. Add the next ring through the ones leaning right. However, it does not pass through their overlap, it passes around it.
Image: gsg2.jpg

3. Here is where we begin a simple pattern. Add the next ring through the intersection of the two leaning left. It's hard to see in this picture, it will later become more apparent.
Image: gsg3.jpg

4. Now put a ring under the last one through the same two, but instead of through the intersection, going around it.
Image: gsg4.jpg

5. The pattern is more apparent here. Put the next ring through the intersection of the last two.
Image: gsg5.jpg

6. Put the next ring around the intersection of the last two. Sound familiar? But wait, this one goes on top of the previous one instead of under it. This is the only difference.
Image: gsg6.jpg

7. Continue this four step pattern to form a chain. This example is 16 SWG 5/16 inch ID stainless.
Image: gsg7.jpg

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