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Mobius Ball
Article © MAIL User: Big Vs Armory

This tutorial will show you how to make a Mobius Ball. Mobius Ball is unique because every rings goes through every other one. Mobius Balls with normal sized rings consisting of 2-4 rings can be substituted for ordinary single and double rings in other weaves. Large rings make nice Mobius Balls that are great stress toys. Mobius Ball is a patented weave by Mead Simon.

Red rings are new rings, and yellow rings are the rings the red rings pass through. The rings being used have an AR of 10.

Step 1. Put a closed ring on an open ring, and close it. Then scrunch them together to look like this:
Image: mobius1.jpg

Step 2. Put another ring through the previous two and close it, laying it out like this:
Image: mobius2.jpg
At this stage the Mobius Ball can be kept as is, and if connected by small rings to other Mobius Balls, you get Flower chain. This unit can also be substituted for normal rings in other weaves, like Japanese 4 in 1 or Japanese 6 in 1, taking place of the large rings in those weaves.

Step 3. Repeat the process by putting the next ring into the “hole” in the middle of the three previous rings.
Image: mobius3.jpg
That’s all there is to it! Simply keep putting new rings into the “hole” made by the all the other rings.

Here is a photo of a large Mobius Ball,
Image: mobiusphoto.jpg
Photo uses 16 gauge 1 3/4 ID rings, and was supplied by Hockyeirdo55.

Have fun making Mobius Balls!
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