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Maille Ideas
Article © MAIL User: sakredchao

awhile back on The Chainmaille Board there was a discussion about chainmaille ideas.
here are some ideas that people came up with.

maille socks
A matched set of wine glasses, to go with full place settings
Wallpaper.(mural, of course. Ooo, mosaic instead.)
 CD case-not
 mail wrapped pliers and cutters

Chainmail Garage Door

a maille quilt made of different squares of weaves

rabbit ears for the idiot box

a maile mailbox

a coffee maker

a cat toy

a rug

a door




 sky chair


a guitar strap


Image: chain-delier7.jpg

a chaindelier

(lord rus the mad)


chainmaill fish and plants

maille cones so that dogs can't bite at their stitches



Image: drapeclose.jpg


glasses frames


computer case


chainlink fence


musical instrument

a walking stick

mold maille inside a candle

bar top

 wedding dress

 Phat Pants

5-storey Parking Garage

A wine rack


Image: chess.jpg

Chessboard and chess pieces


maile boots

A lifesize chainmaille dog

A top hat

A mini version of the statue of liberty

A boat

A mini car

mail straightjacket

life preserver

hang glider

meat smoker



knitting, crocheting & knotting out of flexible smooth chains



A Beard

Chains for door beads, the kind you hang in doorways and walk through



Holster for pliers

Toilet paper

Animal leash

Car Seat cover

Air Conditioning Grates

Maybe, if you made a coif pattern for a popcan, you could hook it to your belt, and swagger around with your drink..

A more challenging dart board

I was up too late one night, and i thought of putting chainmail bracelets on a baby, so when he grew, they'd grow into him.

Please don't do that. Seriously.

Fishing net

Hacky Sacks.

a 3-d Face with dreadlocks, of course

3-D representation of Fairy tales

a knitting technique with sweaters is Cabling. It's those pop-out designs on sweaters.. diagonal ridges and other such things.

I bet you could incorporate ridges of boxchain into a shirt..

A hat. only, with sleeves, and posable hands coming out of them. with a pocket on the hat, and of course, have the hat wearing

a hat.


Image: pig.jpg


desklamp with flexible neck

boxer briefs


shower curtains


full size rocking chair

sex toys

one of those invisible dog leashes.

 a strainer (for noodles or veggies or whatever)


plant holders


drum decoration

massage pad

matress pad

legs to a chair

roller skates

a full size door


Bungee cord

massive robot of death with missiles, knives, and bombs.

a beer can cozy

a Kleenex dispenser

coffee filter


bubble pipe

bong decoration

drum-stick bag

 inlay a logo into front bass head-alum

cigarette case

 toilet seat


cell-phone cover

clock face



chainamille currency

maille maille

chainmaille children

tow chain

napkin rings

fruit basket

a self supporting cross

model of the solar system with revolving planets


lighter wrap thing and chain

a squid

a life size maille sculpture of a person weaving some maille

a bowling ball and some bowling pins

a baseball mitt

a football

a beach ball

a medicine ball

a fishing net

some of those weights they put on baseball bats to practice swinging

a cage for small rodents

a chainmaille sling and some cubes for ammo.

 weight belt for scuba diving.

a giant ball made from the cube pattern, used for rolling down steep hills and crushing cars and buildings

 snow chains for tires

use rubber O rings along with metal rings to make stretch-maille.

a roll of toilet paper to go with the toilet seat.

 heat up some maille and brand yourself with your favorite weaves.

complete chainmaille wraps to protect veggies from hungry roommates

fishing lures

 chainmaille fruit to go in the chainmaille fruit bowl.

chainmaille cereal.

A squirrel trap

A food processor



 parrot cage

use the cube pattern to build a big chainmaille throne in a cave in the woods, then cover over the cave opening and wait 50 years until the urban sprawl spreads out that far and the workers uncover a big chainmaille throne in a cave in the woods and scientists and archeologists are brought in to figure out where it came from... and I can sit back in my old age and laugh at them, tempted to tell them that it was myself that built the thing, but more tempted to let it be a mystery.

 Dish Towels


cookie jar

business Card

Shoe Laces


A chainmail measuring tape.

ceiling fan Chain

incense burner

3 ring binder/folder


tie rack

fireplace grate

a pocket protector

a fingernail file

a humidor

a mouse cover

grips for your boots to keep u from slipping on the ice

 a steering wheel cover

a pillow cover

a frying pan

a shaving kit with accessories

a toothbrush

an entire living room suite

chainmailling the entire outside and inside of a vehicle

maille a house or other building

high-heel shoes


stainglass designs

 prison windows

a mail hourglass- with closed rings dribbling down.


a maille portfollio briefcase with shoulder strap

a chainmaille ceiling fan

Bedposts and the over drapes on those fancy beds

a sleeping bag

dominatrix' outfit

1/12th scale suit of mail

a sheet of chain carved out of wood,

and a sheet of chain blown in glass.



Image: saraturt.jpg



chain-mail cross that holds its position with no soldering or extra supports


Image: flowert.jpg


van gogh's Sunflowers

maille-bound books



Playing or tarot cards

hula hoop



do you have any ideas?

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