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Article © MAIL User: Tesserex

This is a tutorial I just made for the true 1-1 chain called Thunderbolt. It uses Orbitals to form a chain. Old rings are silver, new rings added are gold.

1. Have 2 closed rings and hold them this way. The one on top will be your first orbital.
Image: thunder1.jpg
2. Attach a ring here to secure the orbital. The layout shown (angles and such) is how the chain will lie when finished.
Image: thunder2.jpg
3. Place a closed ring against the ring you just added and put another through it but not the one you added in the last step. This secures the previous ring as an orbital of these two.
Image: thunder3.jpg
4. Do this same thing with the bottom ring of the two you just added, connect two through it. Make sure you add to the correct ring of the last two here so you get a chain instead of a loop (which would be Tao). It should be kind of a zigzag.
Image: thunder4.jpg
5. You should have the idea by now. It's just creating more 2 ring sets through a previous ring.
Image: thunder5.jpg
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