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Double Maille
Article © MAIL User: Eli

Double Maille is an interesting way to interconnect two sheets of European mail, with European 4 in 1 being the easiest. I will demonstrate how this is done.

Silver rings are rings being added to the weave at the step. Brass-yellow rings are the rings the new ones pass through. Copper-red rings are idle rings at the step. Gold rings are rings needing further noting.

The rings in this tutorial have an AR of 5.

1. First, start with a sheet of e4in1 in the size you want:
Image: de4in101.jpg

2. Now, add a new ring through two rings of the sheet. This ring is the base of the interconnected sheet. Note that it goes above the ring in the bottom sheet:
Image: de4in102.jpg

3. Add more rings in the same way as step 2, so that they cover the entire sheet you want to convert into Double Maille. The ring from step 2 is marked in gold:
Image: de4in103.jpg

4. Now pass a ring through the 4 of the top rings, in the same fashion as normal e4in1. Note that it only passes through the top rings, and not through the bottom sheet:
Image: de4in104.jpg

5. Continue adding ring in the same way as step 4 until you cover the whole base sheet by the second sheet. That's it, you’re done:
Image: de4in105.jpg

This technique can be used for any European sheet weave (European 6 in 1, European 8 in 1, etc). The only modification would be to add the rings in steps 4 and 5 in the manner appropriate to the base weave.

And here’s a nice Double Maille 4in1 in some pretty colors:
Image: de4in106.jpg
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