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Japanese 4 in 1
(CGI; Row Connect) [2]
Article © MAIL User: Big Vs Armory

This is a tutorial on constructing Japanese 4 in 1. It's a fairly simply sheet weave, and works best with two ring sizes (that's a personal choice -- Ed). It’s a loose weave also (though it tightens with smaller connecter rings -- Ed). The gray rings are the large rings, the yellow rings are the small rings, and the red rings are the ones we are adding.

Step 1. Get rings of two different sizes, like this:
Image: jap4-1step1.jpg

Step 2. Make a simple 2 in 1 Chain alternating rings sizes, something that looks like this, however long you need it, with large rings on the ends:
Image: jap4-1step2.jpg

Step 3. Now, construct another chain the same way, and the same length as the one we just made.
Image: jap4-1step3.jpg

Step 4. With the chains laid out as shown, the last large rings in each chain are to be connected with a small ring.
Image: jap4-1step4.jpg

Step 5. As with the last step, connect corresponding large rings with small rings, until you get something looking like this:
Image: jap4-1step5.jpg

Step 6. Here is what the final Japanese 4-1 sheet looks like:
Image: jap4-1finish.jpg

Good luck and have fun!
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