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loserkid's SIMPLE tumbler
Article © MAIL User: loserkid_182

i was reading through the polishing rings section, and i noticed that no one describes how to make a SIMPLE tumbler that is more than rolling a bucket of rings down a hill. so, i decided to try and make one. and i did. and it's simple.

basically, i took an old chlorine bucket, but any bucket with a lid will work, and drilled holes through the sides at random. through these i stuck some bolts (presumeably long bolts? -- Ed). they will help move the maille around instead of it just sitting on the bottom of the bucket, thus creating more friction.

then, i drilled a hole in both the bottom of the bucket and the lid so that i can slide a mandrel through it. on the bottom, drill another hole off to a side. then, bend the end of the mandrel which will be poking through the bottom (not the lid), into an umbrella shape so that it goes through the lid, and then curve it back through the second hole... this is to make the whole setup turn. (presumeably "umbrella shape" means a U-shape -- Ed.)

next i made the stand. a very simple []______[] shaped construction with notches on the top for the mandrel to rest in.

from this point, there is only 1 thing to do. put the mandrel through the bottom of the bucket, fill the bucket with your maille, and put some sand in. then plonk on the lid and turn away.

of course, this means that you will have to sit there turning by hand, but it gets the job done.

i'll submit some pics as soon as i can.
(definitely needs pics, or I won't keep this article up for long -- Ed)
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