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Article © MAIL User: sakredchao

Stretching is as important as taking care of your tools in the chain process. Even though maille seems like it doesn't take a lot of effort you still use the fnord out of your body making it.  So, the solution is to stretch regularly.

Some people begin to feel pain or numbness after mailling a lot.  if this happens to you, Stop Mailling! Give your body a rest.  And see how some of these stretches feel.

Warming up helps your muscles prepare themselves for the happy task ahead of you.  Stretches are a good way of doing this but some people use different methods.


-- I m p o r t a n t --

Don't force your movements, go into the stretch slowly.

If it hurts don't do it.

That's your body voicing discontent and it's always best to listen to that sort of thing.  While being a wonderful tool to keep your body healthy, it can also be harmful to you if you use it improperly.  Anything that you do, -you- do, and are thusly responsible for, being an intelligent, rational human being.  If you are a cabbage, or something, please withdraw your application.


T h e  S t r e t c h e s

Something I try to do regularly is...

Stand with your arms straight in front of you
and your hands in a fist
rotate your hands all the way around.
do one direction for awhile then switch.
do this as long as you want, it's pleasant.


Another that I like is...

Stand with your arms straight in front of you
and your hands in a fist
tense the muscles in your hand
open it slowly until your fingers are outstretched
hold for a moment and close your fist again keeping your hand tensed.
i like to rest for a second between these


Stand with your arms reaching to your side, even with your shoulders
with your fingers together, point with your fingertips out
bring your hands up, 90 degrees to your arm
stretch out your fingers, and hold
don't overdo it.
repeat until satisfied


One easy stretch that a lot of people like to do is...

With your arm out in front of you
tilt your hand back, fingertips up, and
pull your fingers back towards you and hold.
switch hands as often as desired

I have known people who, and often do myself, bend their hands down, but be gentle with this.  You can feel how it would be easy to overbend.  And we need our wrists to make chainmaille, so be careful.

(This works sitting down)


Another good one for sitting down is...

Put your palms together, fingertips pointing up
bring them from your chest down to your stomach, slowly, and hold.


One I found in a repetitive stress injury website is...

Stand with your legs together
put your arms down at your side
hold your hands at a 90 degree angle to your body, palms to the floor
rotate your hands, wrist out, wrist in.

This feels really good to me


One I have not experimented much with but others I know make it part of their ritual...

Stand up, hold something heavy (a jar of rings for example) and reach down your back.


Also remember that maille may not be what is causing your hands to hurt.  Many other activities such as typing on the computer, playing a guitar, or a piano all can be detrimental to your wrists if you aren't holding them correctly.  your wrists should be kept straight, not bent during these tasks.  The same is true for maille, when it's possible.

Do you have any stretches that work well for you? Post them on the discussion board.

be healthy,
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