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Ties; Ties; and More Ties
Article © MAIL User: hockywierdo55

Come my children and you shall hear of the wondrous ties that are here....
In the mailling world of course! Welcome to Ties, Ties and More Ties; in this article we will be discussing the art of tie making with maille. Here are our different parts of the article:

I. Styles and Ring Sizes
II. Pictures of Different Parts of a Tie

Part One: Styles and Ring Sizes
A maille tie can be a working tie. The weight of your project should be taken into consideration especially if you will sell the tie or wear it yourself. I have seen ties made of many different materials. Copper ties look nice. The copper adds unique coloring to the tie. Galvanized steel is a cheaper alternative and still looks nice yet is a bit heavy especially after wearing the tie for long periods of time. The same goes for stainless steel you must consider the weight factor, but stainless does look nice than galvanized steel, considering it is much shinier.

Next you must consider the style of tie you want. There are two distinct styles of ties. You have Beatles style and Business style and Bias style (Bias Style not pictured but can be found in the gallery) Once you decide the style of ties you want to make you must consider the ring sizes. Normally for the body of your tie you will use European 4 in 1 no matter what style. Tutorial: European 4 in 1 (CGI; ribbon). Occasionally you will want to use European 6 in 1. So on this tie we're going to make we will use a tight AR for the rings because we are making a Beatles Style Tie with a 4in1 body. Let's say 1/4" ID 16g SWG.

Next we move on the top knot of your tie. For most ties you will use a weave that can be made into a trapezoid like such in the picture section. The most common weave for making a tie knot like a trapezoid is Japanese 12 in 2 or Japanese 6 in 1. Tutorial (to make it 12in2 just double the rings): Japanese 6 in 1 (CGI; Row Connect) You can also get Half Persian 3 Sheet 5 in 1 and Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1 to look like trapezoids but seeing those weaves on ties is pretty uncommon. Now for the ring sizes on your knot. First off, the weave we will use is Japanese 12in2. Your ring sizes will be 5/16" ID 16g SWG and 1/4" ID 16g SWG. The 1/4" ID rings will be the vertical rings and the 5/16 will be the horizontal rings.

And last but not least you can use your favorite chain weave to go around your neck and connect to the knot.

Part Two: Pictures of Different Parts of a Tie

Image: styles.jpg

Here are the shapes of the styles, the one style that was left out was the Bias style, which is a Euro 4in1 sheet built on a bias. Please consult the board for help if that is the weave you wish to use.

Image: matt_tiebottom.jpg
Image: tie1_002.jpg

Here is the ending of a Beatles Style tie as you can see the weave is Euro 4in1.

Image: toptieknot.jpg

This should be the shape of the knot on your tie. Usually you use Japanese 12in2 or 6in1.

Image: matt_tietop.jpg
Image: tie1_001.jpg

Here is a picture of the knot and the chain that goes around your neck. As you can see the knot is Japanese 12in2.

Image: bative_tie.jpg
Image: tie1_003.jpg

A picture of a finished tie.

I would like to thank Matt Williams A.K.A. AMACobra for the pictures of the reddish tie
I would like to thank Dave Heatley A.K.A. Bative for pictures of the finished tie and the tutorials

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