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Furby Flowers
Article © MAIL User: Kabaalk

The Furby Flowers was created at about 1 AM in the daze of a swirling flush of a dancing clown-infested circus in a slightly off-black tophat. That being said, FurbyFlower is either extremely interesting, or mildly uninteresting. You pick.
There are a few different forms of this weave, as it's kind of like a robot in diguise, except it doesn't move on its own. I chose the one that seemed easiest to make a tutorial out of (don't worry, if you jiggle it about a bit, it'll change).

Assemble a collection of twelve 14 gauge 1/4" rings.
Edit - AR of around 4. (Ed- AR looks lower than that- closer to AR of 2.9)

Note: Red rings are newly added. Green rings were added in the previous step. Blue rings are just really old.

Step 1:
Attach two rings to a third. Do this twice, so that you have two triplets.

Image: furb1c.gif

Step 2:
Connect the two triplets with two vertical rings as shown.

Image: furb2c.gif

The result should be this:

Image: furb3c.gif

Step 3:
Add another ring to each of the left and right sides. Each new ring should only intersect two others.

Image: furb4c.gif

Step 4:
Add another ring to each of the top and bottom sides. Each new ring should only intersect two others.

Image: furb5c.gif

You should now (hopefully) have created your very own FurbyFlower.

Image: furb6c.gif
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