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Dish Scour Pads
Article © MAIL User: sakredchao

Image: dishscrb.jpg

i got the idea for dish scrubbers from my friend, dweezle.  i was visiting him and noticed a piece of maille hanging from his kitchen cabinet. i asked him about it and he told me that it was a dish scrubber he had cut out of a 'scrap' bit of maille.  he also told me that they were traditional around the turn of the century.

they have been known to take the coffee stains out of coffee cups.  and if you use stainless steel, you can use them to get that onion smell off of your hands.  if you are cleaning something extremely gunky, say oatmeal, the gunk can build up in the rings. just submerge the scrubbie in water and shake it, the rings will rotate and clean themselves. if the scrubbie gets greasy just put soap on it, roll it between your hands, and rinse it.

scrubbies are pretty easy to make, but here are some of the things that you may want to keep in mind as you make one.

you want to use a metal that will not rust, patina, or otherwise oxidize in any way.
stainless steel and titanium are the only materials that come to mind.

use a medium density weave.  the denser the weave the better the scrubbing action will be, but you want a level of looseness, so the rings can rotate freely.
some suggestions are:

European 4 in 1 1/4" 16ga
European 4 in 1 1/8" 20ga
European 6 in 1 5/16" 16ga
European 6 in 1 5/32" 20ga

another weave consideration with scrubbers is a really dense patch.  you can see on the scrubber on the left that there is some European 8 in 2 at the top and bottom tips.  this is handy for especially disobedient foodgunk.  the density of this is up to your preference.

some good weaves to use might be:

European 4 in 1
european expanding ring circle (coif top)
European 6 in 1
Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1
Confused Chameleon

of these i would say that the coif top and strangemaille are the most functional.

ring size is pretty important.  the smaller the rings that you use, the better the scrubbie will clean, but the longer it will take to make.  try to find a balance that works for you.

the loop
i like to use a loop to hang from the faucet or a hook near the sink.  this is up to personal preference, i have used scrubbies with and without them.  i would suggest a weave that is not too dense, in case food particles get stuck in there it will be easy to clean.

you can see one of the loops is Full Persian 6 in 1.  this is not a good choice for loops.  Half Persian 4 in 1 might be a better choice, or a simple 2-2 chain.

have fun with these..  :)
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