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A Simple Formula for Evaluating or Designing a Link for Use in a European Weave
Article © MAIL User: katzarai

A simple formula for evaluating or designing a link for a European weave.

(Internal Diameter) = (Wire Gauge x (Weave Density - 1))
Ie: ID = 4.5mm: WG = 0.9mm (Where ID = Internal Diameter, WG = Wire Gauge and WD = Weave Density ie. 6-1, 4-1 etc.)
4.5/0.9 = 5 + 1 (WD)
WD = 6: WG = 0.9mm
(6-1)x 0.9 = 4.5mm (ID)
WD=6 ID = 4.5mm
(6-1)/4.5 = 0.9mm (WG)

NB: This produces a dense weave for all types, as is my preference. Others may prefer a much looser density. I work with jeweller's needlenose pliers - which have no serrated surface to damage the link and enable me to work in extremely confined spaces ie. the 6-1 box chain often called Full Persian.
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