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Japanese 4 in 1
(CGI; Row Connect)
Article © MAIL User: Bative

Speedweaving Japanese 4-1 Instructions

This is the Japanese 4 in 1 weave, once used by samurai warriors to connect varying plates together. The weave is quite loose, this was on purpose to help 'catch' the opponents weapon. Historically, the Japanese weaves used only 1 ring size, this made the weave build quicker, and was more efficient to build. For our purposes (where the weave is better if it's kept stable) using 2 ring sizes is usually recommended.
The White rings are the newly added rings, The orange rings are ring(s) in which the New ring passes through. The Green rings are rings already added to the chain.
Step 1: For Japanese 4-1 you will need 2 ring sizesImage: j4in101.jpg
Step 2: Create a 2 in 1 Chain using alternating Large and Small rings.Image: j4in102.jpg
Step 3: Now build another 1-1 chain of the same alternating links like so:Image: j4in103.jpg
Step 4: Add a smaller ring, connecting the 2 opposite large rings like so:Image: j4in104.jpg
Step 5: Continue adding small rings in the same fashion until the 2 chains are linked together.Image: j4in105.jpg
Step 6: Add another 1-1 chain to the piece using the same fashion in steps 3-5Image: j4in106.jpg

Thanks to Eli for the Generated Pictures!
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