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(CGI; Preclose Large Rings)
Article © MAIL User: DeadManWalking

These are the instructions for creating Dragonscale.
Red links are the current step and blue are the previous step
First off, you need to have 2 ring sizes, one being able to fit in the other with room to spare, I use 17 gauge 3/16" and 3/8".
Image: ds1.jpg
Step 1: Make a 1-2-2 chain alternating ring sizes.
Image: ds2.jpg
Step 2: Next, place closed large links over the small links as shown
note: They are not connected to anything yet.
You may want to do this one at a time in conjunction with the next step.
Image: ds3.jpg
Step 3: Now connect large links to the small rings, trapping the other links inside.
Image: ds4.jpg
Step 4: Connect the trapped large links to each other using small links.
Image: ds5.jpg
Step 5: At this point, I usually like to add the connecting links to the top row.
Image: ds6.jpg
Step 6: Attach large links to the connectors (not the links you just added, but the links from step 4).
Image: ds7.jpg
Repeat steps 5&6 to lengthen the piece.

Okay, I hope I didn't confuse you too much.

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