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Adding Half Persian Trim/ European-Persian Ratios
Article © MAIL User: Bative

This article was originally part of an article called 'Random Bits of Bumble' which had no REAL topic base, so it's been split up into smaller categories, forgive me!!! :)
On the matter of adding Half Persian (Half Persian 3 in 1) trims/rows to European 4 in 1.
I have discovered 2 ways in which it is possible to add a Persian based trim to European 4-1, without contracting the weave. (this is very useful for adding edging to shirts. Give it a hem line look)
1) Add a 2-3 expansion row (for every 2 rings, add a third in between them) then add the Persian trim. This expansion of the European weave, cancels out the contraction what adding a 3-1 trim would do to the weave.
2)Bump the ID of your trim rings up 1/16". This will make the trim appear to be bigger, but the increased size of the ring will again cancel out the contractions of adding a Half Persian 3-1 trim.

People also seem to be stuck on the idea that adding a Persian trim means solely that of Half Persian 3-1. 4-1 (Half Persian 4 in 1), as well as 3/4 Persian (Three Quarters Persian) are also possible to add as trim. To add an HP 4-1 trim, you may need to increase your Expansion row to a row of 2-1 expansion. To solve the contraction problem within the second method, bump the ID 1/8". This will provide enough room for the weave to work it's magic. As for 3/4 Persian, it's simply the matter of adding another set of stacked rings to the already explained Hp 3-1 trim.

Converting European to Persian (Ratios)
Some people seem to get confused on how the pers/euro weaves are ratioed (SP?). That is because most people do not take into consideration of the weave HP 2-1 (Half Persian 2 in 1). As it is not very stable. When trying to convert, adding trim, or just playing around with trying to figure out how these things work. Always remember that the density of Hp 2-1, is equal to that of European 4-1 (density implied on the same Aspect Ratio). While HP 3-1 is equal to that of European 6 in 1, and Hp 4-1 is that equal to European 8 in 1. HP 5-1 (Half Persian 5 in 1) = to European 10 in 1 get the picture. 3/4 Persian, and Full Persian 6 in 1 go along the same lines as HP 3-1, as they all have the same base.
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