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8 Triangle Expansion Coif
Article © MAIL User: Bative

This is an article on the idea I came up with for a coif, I used it to make a coif in about...5-6 hours and it turned out really nice. I was hoping others could enjoy it as well :)

First off, you'll need to measure your noggin' (mine was 24" around (see I'm not big headed :D))
Take the measurement, and divide it by 6. (so in my case it was 4")
Next make 8 triangles out of european 4-1, where the base of the triangle is 4" long. (if you cant get it exact, it's best to go over, instead of under the measurement)
Seam up all of these triangles with 45 degree seams. This will make you end up with a octogon (I thought it was pretty neat, since, 8 X 45 degrees = 360 degrees. and we all know 360 degrees is a complete circle.)
Now, with this triangle expansion, and since you already have more than 1 times the size of the biggest part of your head (this is why we made 8 instead of 6 triangles) you'll no longer need any expansions, which is what alot of people complain about while making coifs, because the expanding circle method uses so many rings, and takes so long.
You're probably thinking, 'hey wait a minute, this bloody thing just barley fits on my head, it's no where near long enough'
Continue making plain old regular euro 4-1 off the edge of the 8 triangles. Since the triangles already took care of all the expansions needed, you can even speedweave euro 4-1 then attach it.
One you get the coif big enough that it fits onto your forehead, and reaches the back of your head, you can simply add the rest using plain old 4-1.
This 8 triangle method allows you to make an expanding coif, without having to worry about using the expanding circle method, and works quite well if you ask me. :)

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