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Photographing Mail
Article © MAIL User: Namshaske

Now, a few of you might have noticed what sort of pain taking photographs of mail can be-- digital cameras do NOT focus well on it, flashes simply reduce it to an image of sparkling nonsense, and shadows tend to make it look really, really bad. Here are a few suggestions which will help you improve the odd photo of your mailworks, and hopefully prove useful.

Firstly, you may wish to build your camera a stand of sorts, pointing diagonally down. This isn't as important if you're using a standard camera, but from every bit of personal experience I've had, digital cameras simply do not focus quickly or well for that matter, and their light-sensors are VERY sensitive to motion. If possible, use a self-timer on the camera, and set it up on something stationary pointed at your mail.

Secondly, use a neutral background. Gray or white cloth for things like copper and black steel, black cloth for light metals. Third, do NOT use a flash-- use natural light if at all possible.

Personally, I use a Kodak DX3600 digital camera with a Macro shot, auto-timered on a custom-built wire stand, if I need a decent picture, and I keep small sections of cloth around to backdrop things. As well, things like shirts should ideally be displayed on a mannequin, stand, or person.

Hope it's been helpful. Cheers!
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