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Three Quarters Persian
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

This will show you how to turn a strip of European 4 in 1 into Three Quarters Persian.

1) Begin with a strip of 4-1. I recommend using a ring size that is large enough to make a full Persian chain (though you can use rings slightly smaller and still get this weave to work.)
Image: 34p.jpg

2) Now pinch up the strip so that you have a small section where the middle ring is on the top, and the two other rings are on either side. The section you fold up should, from the top, look like a weave=Box Chain]. (If you have ever made Boxchain out of 4-1 this is the same folding.) Once you have your little section of three sided Boxchain, open one of the rings in the middle row, and pass it through the two side rings in front of it. (This is the same move you make when you turn a Boxchain into a Full Persian 6 in 1.)
Image: 34p2.jpg

3) Go along repeating step two for as long as you need.
Image: 34p3.jpg

4) What you end up with looks like a Full Persian chain with one side missing. (If you find it easier you could always make a FP and then take one side off.) The great benefit of this weave, in my opinion, is that it has a U shaped cross section which means if you build a circle of this chain tightly enough around something, you can trap it inside.
Image: 34p4.jpg
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