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Layered Sheet Maille
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

This technique is adaptable to any sheet weave, not just European. Whatever you use, it's a good idea for it to be fairly light, as you will be using overlapping sections, and thus need extra maille.

1) Start by making some size strip. (What size is up to you and the specifics of your project.)
Image: layer1.jpg

2) Now lay another strip on top of the first. If you have dags, as shown here, make sure that they are off-set from the previous row.
Image: layer2.jpg

3) Using smaller rings, attach the two strips together. Again, what size and exactly how many you use is up to you. But they should be small enough that they are not overly noticeable, or likely to cause buldges in the finished piece.
Image: layer3.jpg

4) Once you have attached these two strips to each other, add another. Remember to offset it again if necessary.
Image: layer4.jpg

5) When you flip the sheet over you can no longer see the connections between the sheets, they simply appear to be coming out of one another.
Image: layer5.jpg

6) The overall effect is easier to see in a bigger piece like this. You can see there are several separate sheets for the arms and body.
Image: layer6.jpg

7) You can see here how each sheet continues up under the one before it.
Image: layer7.jpg
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