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Japanese 3 in 1 Skirt
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

Though this article uses as an example a skirt made with Japanese 3 in 1, this pattern will work for other weaves as well. (Any sheet that can be made to form the proper shapes will work.)

1) First make two strips that will form the upper edge. Make one larger than the other, as you will need more material for the back panel than for the front. I have attached some extra chain to the strip for the back, which will allow the waist size to be adjusted.
(the strips shown are European 4 in 1 - Ed.)
Image: hexskirt1.jpg
Image: hexskirt2.jpg

2) Now make a simple one on one chain (the basic Japanese weave unit). Attach it to the strip as shown, going every other ring. This sets up the basic form for the Japanese 3-1 weave.
Image: hexskirt3.jpg

3) Continue to add rows, sloping the edges out as you go. Once you have added enough rows to make the front and the back wide enough, attach the two at the last row of 3-1.
Image: hexskirt4.jpg

4) Once the front and back are connected you can continue to add rows to the bottom edge of the skirt. The open spaces formed by the two trapezoids from step four give you the open space needed to allow for the skirt to be sized differently depending on where you hook the strips from step one.
Image: hexskirt5.jpg
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