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Closing Rings with Sidecutters
Article © MAIL User: Namshaske

By the end of this little text, you should have an alternate method of closing large links available to you. You'll need the following for this little piece of unorthodoxy;

One pair of 6" sidecutters, and one pair of 8" longnose pliers.

Why sidecutters to close links, as opposed to cut them? Because most sidecutters have a very small hole at the base of the jaws, where the hinge meets. This hole is the perfect size to accommodate a 3/8" ring or 5/16" ring, and it will hold half the ring in a sheer deathgrip. Simply seat the ring so that half is held in the jaws of the sidecutter, and use the longnose pliers to bend the ring shut. I do all my rings this way, when I'm making closed links, as it can rival the best sawcuts for neat closures, and I can do a link every three seconds this way. It'll take some practice to get used to, and if you're right handed, I'd recommend seating the sidecutters in your left. Other than that, try it out-- It may speed the manufacture of individual closed rings greatly.
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