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Jacob's Ladder
(Magician's Chain)
Article © MAIL User: Armoured_Raven

Jacob's Ladder/Magician's Chain is an interesting weave that I stumbled across accidentally. I know I'm not the first to discover it, but I don't know who was, so I can't give kudos. I learned many fun facts about it after posting it in a couple of forums. Beyond its strange properties, it is also used as a magical prop, and is very fun to watch. This tutorial explains the way I discovered it. When I first found it I was attempting Half Persian 3 in 1, but I started it with the rings facing the wrong way. I'm sure there are other methods to weaving this, but this is just how I figured it out...

• Start with 3 closed rings on an open ring:
Image: jl-001.jpg

• Close the ring and lay it flat with the three closed rings layered, one on top of the other like so:
Image: jl-002.jpg

• Take another open ring (red) and add a closed ring (blue):
Image: jl-003.jpg

• Link the open ring (red) through the bottom two of the layered rings (as you would in a European 6 in 1), and close the open (red) ring:
Image: jl-004.jpg

• Repeat the previous two steps until you have the length you desire:
Image: jl-005.jpg

Here's two different angles of the completed chain:
Image: jl-006.jpg

Image: jl-006b.jpg

• When completed, the chain can lay flat or be spiraled...
Image: jl-final.jpg
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