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RoboGuards to the Rescue
Article © MAIL User: laurad

Rescue the rings that just refuse to close properly without having to modify your pliers. The best way is to either perfect the ring-closing technique and/or discard the failed rings, but this is a good cheat for saving armor/costume-size rings (not jewelry-size rings). I found these RoboGuards Jaw Covers in Sears (where else?). They are designed for RoboGrip brand pliers, which have very sharp nasty teeth, to prevent the pliers from damaging stuff. The covers are of some plasticy/polymer stuff that is pretty sturdy. I found they fit well over a number of different pairs of my pliers, with and without teeth, with little or no modification. Although my first pair is still going strong (after working a pound of stainless and half a pound of aluminum), I bet I could flip them over and use the other side by modifying the edges a bit.

Place a ring with a gap in the pliers then press down gently. The ring makes a dent in the plastic grip covers which helps keep the ring from flying across the room. The rings are held securely while you smush this way and that. The groove gets more pronounced after the first few rings, which helps hold the rings in place.

These covers came in a pack of 10 (5 pairs) for ~ $1.99USD I think it was ~ and they will be somewhat consumable long-term, but I’ve gotten pretty good use out of them so far.
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