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Celtic Visions Juggling Ball
Article © MAIL User: JohnSalad

Image: cvball.gif
This article will teach you how to make a juggling ball using the Celtic Visions weave.
You will need 264 16g 3/16" ID rings, 144 16g 5/16" ID rings, 60 16g 1/4" ID rings. Wire size is given in AWG.
Don't use soft brass or aluminum or your ball will fall apart after a few drops.

Image: cvball-step1.gif
Start with a chain five "units" long. Add a 3/16" ring to both ends.

Image: cvball-step2.gif
Connect the ends of the chain with another 3/16" ring to make a circle. Be sure to get both of the loose 3/16" rings on the inside of the circle.

Image: cvball-step3.gif
Slide a 5/16" ring thru the two inside 3/16 rings. Add another 5/16" ring to the back side and lock them in place with a pair of 3/16" rings.

Image: cvball-step4.gif
This is the basic "flower" that forms the sides of the ball. Make eight of these and you're ready to move on to the next step.

Image: cvball-step5.gif
Connect two flowers like this using 3/16" rings.

Image: cvball-step6.gif
Add another flower to the top.

Image: cvball-step7.gif
One more flower makes a square. This is one half of the ball. Use four more flowers to make the other half.

Image: cvball-step8.gif
Line up your two halves and start connecting the sides together with 3/16" rings.

Image: cvball-step9.gif
Close-up of the connection.

Image: cvball-step10.gif
When you're done connecting the two halves you have a floppy ball with holes in it.

Image: cvball-step11.gif
Close two 1/4" rings and put them on an open 1/4" ring. Connect the open ring to one of the 5/16" rings on the edge of the hole.

Image: cvball-step12.gif
Keep adding 1/4" rings until you have filled up the hole. Repeat this step until all the holes are filled and the ball is complete.
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