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Adding Spikes To Maille
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

These are instructions for how to modify a maille sheet to allow you to add DIY spikes. (Spikes with a threaded inside that allows it to be attached to a screw.) You can find these online as well as at many shops. Music and fashion stores with a punk, hard rock or metal type bent are good possibilities. Keep in mind that in some areas you must be over 18 to buy these, and that in some places it is illegal to wear spikes on certain parts of the body, usually on the hands since spiked gloves could very easily be weapons. Be mindful of local laws, and as always be careful.

In theory you can add spikes to any sheet weave that has gaps big enough to permit the screw to fit through. However this particular design allows for the spike to be added without disrupting the look of the sheet, and without any concern that the sheet will shift, perhaps changing the size of the gap and allowing the spike to fall out. You will need two ring sizes, one large enough for the screw to fit through, and the other a bit smaller. I recommend that the small rings be of the proper size to make at least 6-1, if not a denser weave, however if that is not possible just try for the densest weave you can. If a dense weave will not work with your project you can use any weave, however I think it looks better this way. The rings used are 3/8 inch ID, 14gu rings in a 6-1 weave, and 1/2 inch ID, 14gu rings for the large rings.

1) Construct two small pieces of 6-1 and attach the larger ring between them as shown.
Image: spike1.jpg

2) Now expand upwards. Notice how there is one more small ring in the upper row of 6-1 than in the rows bracketing the large ring. This is to take into account the large ring. If you you did not have this expansion the weave would bulge around the large ring.
Image: spike2.jpg

3) Now you need to finish weaving in the rows you just added. Start by adding one ring that goes through two rings in the original row and three rings in the new rows. (If this seems a little confusing just follow the picture.)
Image: spike3.jpg

4) Now do the same thing on the other side.
Image: spike4.jpg

5) Now you need to finish the connection. The last ring will go through two on the bottom, one on each side, and three on the top. What this amounts to is having four rows of rings that are complete, but with a few rings missing from the fifth row. This allows for more room to fit the large ring.
Image: spike5.jpg

6) Repeat steps 2-5 on the other side. This will give you the completed rectangle with the large ring locked into the middle.
Image: spike6.jpg

7) The screw comes up through the large ring.
Image: spike7.jpg

8) Lastly you screw the spike down on top. I recommend that you tighten it less than all the way, since over-tightening will squish the maille too tightly, causing it to bunch and be inflexible. The spike should be more than secure this way. Experiment to see how much tightness works best.
Image: spike8.jpg

Another application of this process is to make reinforced maille grommets. If you intend to lace a piece up, for example, you could make a series of these captured rings to be the lace holes. In theory they should be much more secure than threading the lace through the rings at the edge of piece. As well if you are making a strap with a buckle like you find on a belt you can use this to make the belt holes. Or you can just put holes in your maille because you think it looks neat.
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