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Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

This is a method for weaving strands of foxtail together into a sheet. I don't know yet what the range of ring sizes that this will work with are, however this particular example is 1/2 inch ID, 16gu rubber rings and 1/8 inch, 20gu stainless steel rings.

First I want to define two terms I will be using. Notice when you look at this piece of foxtail from the side that there is a top side and bottom side to the ring. (You can think of it as the top and bottom edges of a C-shape.) Keep this in mind when using these instructions.
Image: foxsheet2.jpg

1) The first thing you need is two pieces of foxtail. (In this case I have used one piece doubled over.) When you place the chains next to each other be sure that all the rings are running the same way.
Image: foxsheet1.jpg

2) Now slide a ring through just under the top sides of one rubber ring in each foxtail chain.
Image: foxsheet3.jpg

3) After you close this ring, flip the chains over and put another ring through the bottom sides of the same two rubber rings from step 2.
Image: foxsheet4.jpg

And that's it. Just continue to move up doing the same steps. To expand to the side you simply line up another chain and sew it on. In theory, provided one could find all the proper sized rings, one could make this weave using only solid rubber rings. You would simply need to weave the small, connecting rings into the foxtail as you made it.
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