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Japanese 3 in 1 Top; Sleeveless
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

This pattern will work for any sheet weave that can be made to have the proper angles required. So don't feel limited to using only Japanese 3 in 1.

1) Start by constructing two triangles and joining them together at the top. For reference, where the triangles join will be the top of the shoulder. You need to make two of these two triangle sets.
Image: hexshirt1.jpg

2) Once you have the two sets of triangles, lay them down and attach them to one another. The hole in the middle will be for the head. I have done some resizing work here, adding material to make the head hole a little more forward of the middle, as well as making the back just a little bit wider than the front. You will probably need to make some changes at this stage to get the proper size and fit, but just what changes will depend on your project.
Image: hexshirt2.jpg

3) After that, the rest is pretty easy. Keep adding material to the front and back sides of the piece you make in step 2 and continue to increase the size of the angled sides. Once you have added enough length/width to connect up the front and back under the arms do so. Now you can continue to add length to the bottom edge as much as you like.
Image: hexshirt3.jpg

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