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Byzantine Web
(Larger Connector Ring)
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

The basic concept behind Byzantine Web and most all other "web" style weaves, is to substitute chunks of a particular weave for some or all of the rings in a Japanese style design. In this case the weave is made by replacing the vertical rings in Japanese 3 in 1 with sections of Byzantine, while leaving the horizontal rings. You could use just about any Japanese based weave with any combination of other weaves.

1) I like the look you get when you use sections of Byzantine of this length (three cells) though any length could be used.
Image: byzweb1.jpg

2) The sections are then joined up in staggered form, just as you would the individual chains in a Japanese 3-1 sheet.
Image: byzweb2.jpg

3) The open pattern of hexagonal cells can be seen when you put some tension on the weave.
Image: byzweb3.jpg

You may find for your purposes that it is easier to assemble the hexagonal cells and then link them up, but the effect is the same in either case.
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